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Necesitamos un Cambio?

I bet you are aware that all of the food you eat is not necessarily good and that some producers/vendors are not a 100% fair with what means they use to boost their margin of profits, regardless of what implications these have on us. Even though this sounds scary and they really are out there, it’s still possible for us to find honest sources of produce and it is not as difficult as one may think. Man-made alterations on produce are essentially designed to meet the demands of earths population i.e. bigger redder tomatoes, seedless bigger grapes, are some of our demands for produce these days.

I must say:

Do we need a change? bruche mir es wechsel?

Because of these modifications environments, plants, animals, and even humans have been affected by the effects of this practice. There is a lot of information about this topic, so feel free to do your own research if you’re interested. I want to tell you how I am taking a step to help diminish the impacts of our food produce. The way I make sure the food I serve you is free from modifications and doesn’t exploit/damage life on earth. I think the change will take place by using ‘Bio’ produce, producing less waste, consuming seasonal/regional, and serving freshly prepared food.

BIO, let me explain to you what bio means to me. I can’t grow my own produce, of course, because I don’t have the means. However, there are fairly honest providers that maintain a standard quality of what bio stands for. Let me break it down for you:

1- Cycle resources 2- Promote ecological balance

3- Conserve biodiversity

4- Limits the use of chemical fertilizer/pesticides

5- Practices fair trade/labor policies

For me, working with a supplier that meets these standards, means that I will feel good with what I put into my food and consequently do you good. It’s my responsibility giving you the best food I can as much as it is taking care of our planet.

How does this reflect on the practice of street food? That’s a question that is bugging my head at the moment, not only because it requires an added amount of work, but also because this will reflect changes on my infrastructure, menu, costs/prices, and clientele among other.

What’s your opinion? If you’re reading this go to my Instagram @el.jefe.bern and answer our poll. If you don’t have Instagram, you can email, call, text, WhatsApp, post, and even smoke sign me if you will. I want to know your opinion.

Do you have an input on how to approach this matter? Please contact me.

Well, my dear readers, this is me this Friday. Thanks for giving me some of your time and going along through this process of renovation. Tune up next Friday for some more of El Jefe.

Saludos with love

El Jefe

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