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Well, some of you have either seen me, tried my food, and/or have got to know me during my soft-launch last Summer. In case you haven't, let me introduce myself

* I am El Jefe / i bi El Jefe

El Jefe is the Spanish word for 'The Boss'. Quite presuntuos of me, huh?, but when it comes to food I run the pass, I make the calls, and I am responsible to make your brains explode when my food goes in your mouth.

Speaking of food, my roots are Caribbean and I have influence from all around Latinamerica, Spain, Italy, and what the heck! Switzerland too. Check out the following snaps of the food that I was serving last Summer during my soft-launch.

wanna see s'more?

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You might be wondering how I do what I do. Well, that's a lot of dos. I operate a foodtruck that is composed of a fully customized trailer where I can prepare the food I will serve you. This trailer occupies a surface of ca. 10 m2 alone and it is almost 3 m tall.

I buy food from the big suppliers early in the morning or the evening before and prepare raw food. This gets then loaded on the foodtruck where I do my thing and make your day with my star-dishes.

There is also a van which is the engine that moves everything around. It pulls the trailer, carries the food, transport all of the gear I use on events, it cruises all around Bern, and guess what?.. It might even do your transfer...

Think about it, I even have to come up with the craziest arrangements to get all these in the mostly limited spaces that the street food industry has to offer. Don't ask me about the costs of operating this rig on a daily basis aside from the logistics; Don't even get me started on their impact to the environment.

Check out this table

I ran the foodtruck starting in May until the end of September. Although sales were always stable (in my case) the added costs and expenses brought profit to about 10% which if you ask me, it's not so encouraging; based on the load of work added on top of operating this one heck of a food making machine.

After having experienced my soft-launch this last summer, I have learned three important things:

1: There are few things more fullfilling than seeing happiness on somebody's face after trying my food.
2: Street food is the channel through which people can get to try delicious new food without a hassle.
3: This deal of starting up big is not necessarily a must, when it comes to both of the above mentioned.

Well, now that you are all caught up, I hope that you have gotten to know me a little better and that you are feeling my vibes. Stay up to date with my whereabouts to find out what the future awaits. Please let me know what you think, I'm interested in hearing your comments.

You can follow me on social networks and visit my website. I'll be posting on this blog weekly, so see you next Friday.

Saludos with love,

El jefe

IG: @el.jefe.bern

FB: El Jefe Bern

TW: @BernJefe

TA: El Jefe Bern

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